Behavioral Health Crisis Center

Behavioral Health Crisis Center (BHCC) is an emergency behavioral healthcare alternative. It provides persons with an acute behavioral health problem with prompt action, gentle response and effective support in a respectful environment.

Our BHCC Offers:

  • 24-Hour Walk in Assessment
  • Peer Living Room
  • 23-Hour Observation - Capacity of 15
  • Crisis Stabilization and Detoxification - Capacity of 30 including speciality area for individuals with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities

How the BHCC works

The Behavioral Health Crisis Center provides a less restrictive, less costly alternative to hospitalization. BHCC clients have immediate access to clinicians and referral assistance for a broad range of other community services as needed. Length of stay varies based on individual needs.

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, a multi-disciplinary team of nurses, psychiatrists, and other behavioral health professionals provide assessment to determine appropriate level of care. Team members provide support, including psychiatric care, medication, and counseling, for stabilization of the crisis.

Services may include the following based on individual needs: 

•    Psychiatric evaluation
•    Psychosocial assessment
•    Health history and assessment
•    Medication management
•    Individual and group counseling
•    Education on psychiatric and addiction disorders
•    Education on professional and self help alternatives
•    Referral for continuing care following crisis resolution
•    Referral to other community services as needed

For more information on these services, contact us at 1-800-525-8751