Addictive Disease

Feeling trapped by your dependence on drugs or alcohol? Not sure where to turn? If you or a loved one are faced with an addictive disease, there is help. Avita Community Partners offers addictive disease support to individuals and families in the northeast Georgia area. Our addictive disease services are based on two models:
The Recovery Model which states that people have the potential to grow, learn and heal and should be an active partner in their treatment and recovery by identifying their wants, needs, and goals.

The Episodes of Treatment Model that follows the idea that needs will vary over time and clients can leave our services when they’re no longer needed but can return if the need arises.

Our Addictive Diseases Services

Psychoeducational Classes and Counseling

Avita offers short-term individual, family, and group educational and counseling services to help you and your family acquire knowledge and self-help skills for coping, problem solving, and recovery. Daily group sessions and classes are available that teach living skills, anger and stress management, self-esteem boosters, and parenting skills.

Rehabilitation and Community Support

If you’re facing an addictive disease, rehabilitation and community support services are available to help you manage your illness, improve your quality of life, and be as independent as possible. Avita personnel offer help managing daily activities such as coordinating care, nutrition planning, budgeting skills, and more. Assistance with fulfilling vocational or employment goals is also available.

Employment Support

The Avita employment specialists can help individuals facing addictive disease identify strengths, learn job skills, pursue interviews, and support them in succeeding at their job. Employment may only be a few hours per week up to full time employment. Our staff works with a variety of employers including banks, hospitals, food service operations, retail sites, manufacturing companies, and more.


Depending on treatment needs, medical services may be available including physician and nursing care, medication management, and pharmacy services.
For more information on these services, contact us at 1-800-525-8751.