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Helen Sanderson Associates is a development training and consultancy team. Helen Sanderson Associates work with people to change their lives, organizations and communities through person centred thinking and planning.

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APSE is committed to Supported Employment and the impact it has on improving the quality of life of anyone associated with SE programs. In order to improve services and make them available to an increasing number of people who want or need job support, APSE provides technical assistance and education to people involved with SE, encourages service delivery based on sound values and ethics, and is actively involved in legislative and policy change for SE. To accomplish these goals, APSE was formed to provide a strong partnership with others who share this dedication to SE.

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The purpose of the Virginia Commonwealth University RRTC on Workplace Supports and Job Retention is to study those supports that are most effective for assisting individuals with disabilities maintain employment and advance their careers. The primary stakeholders for this project are persons with disabilities, with an emphasis on those who are unemployed, underemployed or at risk of losing employment.

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Georgia State Services 


The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is a national, 24-hour, and toll-free suicide prevention service available to all those in suicidal crisis who are seeking help. Individuals seeking help can dial 1-800-273-TALK (8255). They will be routed to the closest possible provider of mental health and suicide prevention services.

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DHR manages programs that control the spread of disease, enable older people to live at home longer, prevent children from developing lifelong disabilities, protect children from abuse and neglect, provide families with a variety of financial and non-financial supports, train single parents to find and hold jobs, and help people with mental or physical disabilities live and work in their communities.

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The purpose of the Georgia Council on Aging is to provide leadership to the Coalition of Advocates for Georgia's Elderly (CO-AGE), researches aging issues, publishes fact sheets and other educational materials to increase public awareness and understanding of issues of concern to Georgia's older adult population.

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