Northeast Georgia "At Avita, we understand that a person is more than a diagnosis. Our employees treat the entire person. We are well equipped to work with individuals with more than one diagnosis and individuals facing various life challenges. Helping people live their best lives is our passion.

Ronny, a ... (read more)


Northeast Georgia "At Avita Community Partners, we believe employment is a meaningful part of life. We support consumers pursue their dreams, including their dream of a job or volunteer opportunities. Paul, who has been receiving services from Avita since 1979, participates in the every day life of the community ... (read more)

Customers statements

Hear what our customers are saying about us: ""Avita helped me find a job."

"Everyone at Avita is friendly and helpful and willing to help you any way they can."

"Avita gets my son out into the community."

"I get to get out of the house and socialize because of them."

"Just having someone to assist me is ... (read more)