Northeast Georgia At Avita Community Partners, we believe employment is a meaningful part of life. We support consumers pursue their dreams, including their dream of a job or volunteer opportunities. Paul, who has been receiving services from Avita since 1979, participates in the every day life of the community through successful employment.

Paul has been employed as a general maintenance employee at a local Chevron Station for eight years.

The owner describes Paul as a "perfect employee and a hard worker, who never complains and will undertake any task asked."

Additionally, the owner has been known to spend extra time and money on Paul, bringing him donuts, birthday gifts and an occasional trip to Paul's favorite restaurant - Red Lobster.

A group of men who frequent the Chevron on a regular basis have become attached to Paul. Their wives bake cakes and pies for Paul and send candy to him... in general, spoiling Paul in a big way!

Asked what he gets out of his job Paul stated: "I like to earn money, it keeps me busy with something to do, and I enjoy it when folks here take me places with them".

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