2007 Legislative Luncheon

Wednesday August 01, 2007 - A number of elected officials gathered at the Thurmond Tanner Facility at Flowery Branch for the 2007 Legislative Luncheon. County commissioners, state senators and state representatives were involved in discussions about upcoming legislation and initiatives that could affect consumer services.

CEO Carol Perkins, Dr. Jon Rubenow and former CEO Laura Tyler updated the group on some keys issues. such as:

* The fee-for-service payment methodology. "There are many things our staff members are asked to do that are not reimbursable," Carol said. "This is making it harder to meet the non-billable need to collaborate with key partners, such as DFCS, DJJ, courts and schools. Much of those collaborations are focused on systemic and preventative issues rather than individual (billable) consumer services."

* The recent news coverage of the state inpatient system of care in Georgia. Avita has one of the lowest per capita admission rates in Georgia. In fiscal year 2007, we had nine regional hospital admissions per 10,000 population.

Avita works to develop ongoing dialog with the region's elected officals. Next up are plans for the 11th Legislative Fall Festival in Clarkesville on November 9th.