2008 Legislative Luncheon

Tuesday September 09, 2008 - A number of legislators and elected officials from the Northeast Georgia gathered at the Thurmond Tanner facility on August for the 4th Annual 2008 Legislative Luncheon.

County Commissioners, State Senators and State Representatives learned about issues surrounding mental health, developmental disabilities and addictive diseases.

CEO Carol Perkins, Dr. Jon Rubenow and Director of Services Gerry Cyranowski updated the group on some key issues such as:

* Stressing the importance of individuals leaving the state hospitals and returning home. "As a result of the Olmstead implementations, 126 adults and 24 children with developmental disabilities will leave state hospitals in the coming year. No new dollars are appropriated for people in the community waiting list. The current waiting list for services is 6085."

* Expressing concern in the funding "Fee For Service" payment methology reduction for C&A services. "Beginning in the 4th quarter of Fiscal Year 2007, Avita Community Partners began receiving DHR funding for child and adolescent services under a "Fee For Service" payment methodology. This change in funding methodology reduced Avita's FY 2008 funding for C&A Services by approximately $1.6 million, 70% less than FY 2007. State-wide, this change in payment methodology reduced Community Service Board (CSB) funding for C&A Services by approximately $9 million."

Towards the end of the luncheon three consumers shared their success stories and presented tiles that were created by them to the guests.